********* h e l l l l l l o ********* 

2018-?  Master of Arts in Film, HFBK (Germany)   
2017    Bachelor of Arts in Film 2D Animation, HSLU (Switzerland)
2011    Finished the hairdresser stuff (Switzerland)
1990    Yass (Switzerland)



2019    you wipe your lips, I do too
2017    Living Like Heta 
2016    i hope you step on a lego*********
2015    when you die can I have your stuff?



2018 Lampyris 
2017 Living Like Heta by Bianca Caderas, Isabella Luu, Kerstin Zemp
2016 Immersion by Lalita Brunner
2015 Seemannsgarn By Julia Munz, Claudia Wirth